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Subject Experts Hub is a unique and versatile platform for knowledge and skill development. We are specialised in the domain of experimental learning and implementation level solutions through innovative program modules. Our team comprises of Senior in-house experts and leading subject matter experts from an array of industries who provide real-world experience to our learners.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, HR Managers, Management Professionals, HR Job Seekers, Management Faculties, Employees, Customers, Coaches, Trainer, Speakers, etc. We lend support to their respective communities in interacting and enhancing knowledge with immediate guidance and support from our experts with the support of community members. Most importantly Subject Expert Hub platform is not a conventional online course delivery platform, We are unique since we address the solutions for the pain points associated with your organization. It can be a multinational company, mid or small-scaled industry, commercial establishments including Software industries.

Our experiences showcase there are vital steps in running an organization. An organization has to be run as a fully legally compliance organization by adhering to Labour Laws associated with your business. The Business owners or Entrepreneurs will have a sense of Freedom, Happiness, a Tension-free mind, along with peace. The organization will be operational for a considerable, period otherwise, it will end up in closing down. It will bring a situation where business owners will have to bear big damages, higher amount of penalties or even prosecution based on the depth of the violations.

We also provide complete solutions for business automation. This is done with implementation of the latest automation tools along with extended support of our expert team. We provide Vastu Shastra consultation for having a peaceful environment at residential and commercial hubs. In addition we provide them a solid financial implementation system to be financially stable and to have exponential growth as time goes Implementation solutions on Learning management Software for the upskilling and reskilling of the employees and employers on latest trends and Mindfulness Life coaching to be happy irrespective of whatever situation they go through, etc.. There are many more unique experts who are about to join us in no time.

Shabu A H

Founder & CEO

Our Top Industry Experts

Varkiachan Pettah

Co-founder and Chief Labour Law Consultant

He has 40+ years of experience in Labour Laws and Human resource management. He is a Labour Law consultant with extensive and practical implementation knowledge, who trained more than 10000 Business owners HR professionals, government officials etc.. and consulted 100s of organisation and made a legal compliance organisation in Labour Laws in India.

Sanal Kumar

Project Management Architect

He has 30+ years of IT experience and a seasoned software product development specialist with experience in leading the design and development of SaaS based product platforms. He has led both in- house and outsourced teams of technology professionals to execute complicated product development initiatives globally.

S Krishnan Nair

Vastu Shastra Consultant

Sri S Krishnan Nair is a Well known and reputed Senior Vastu Consultant, Astrologer, and Civil Engineer from Kerala. He is an expert in House Vastu, Office Vastu, Factory Vastu etc., also in Astrology subject and helps you to lead Vastu Compliant Life and guide you well to get the best result out of it. He is ranked as one of the best Vastu Shastra Consultants in Kerala, India.

Saravanan R


Saravanan R is a Trainer & Coach in Testing & Automation, who is having 14+ Years of Experience, Trained 20,000+ Candidates, 120+ Clients Served, 25+ Skill Areas, 10,000+ Assessed. Some of his few key clients for them he has offered Training and Consultation are Indian Defence R&D, Wipro, CTS, Infosys, Accenture, TCS, Capgemini, Microsoft, Microfocus, Unisys, ITC, Indian Navy, Renault Nissan Technology, IBM, HCL, HP, Reserve Bank of India, Deloitte etc.,

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